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Court appearances, convictions and general conduct

All prospective employees must be of good character and possess a high level of integrity. In order to assess applicant character and integrity you must answer the following questions honestly.    Responses found to be incorrect may result in the application being terminated.

Additional Information

Have you ever received any type of infringement notice or 'on the spot' fine, including caution notices? *
Have you ever been proceeded against for any crime or offence? (i.e. Summonsed to appear in Court for a crime or offence that you committed)? *
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Have you ever been officially disciplined in any military service? *
Have you ever been officially disciplined in any police service? *
Have you ever been declared bankrupt? *
Have you ever suffered (or are likely in the immediate future) to suffer financial hardship? *
Have you ever been the complainant or the subject person named in Restraint Order; Domestic Violence Order; Family Violence Order; Police Family Violence Order; or similar? *
Have you ever been charged with a firearms offence? *
Are you aware of any association or potential conflict of interest which may compromise you or reflect adversely on the organisation? These could include family and friends. *
Are you currently or have you previously been prescribed medication or other treatment for a mental health condition including PTSD? *
Are you colour deficient to any degree (colour blind)? *
If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above questions in this section, please provide details. *
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I authorise Tasmania Police to disclose personal information about me to any person or body (whether in or outside of Tasmania) to enable my application to be assessed. *
I authorise any person or body to disclose to Tasmania Police any personal information and/or documentation concerning me which is sought by Tasmania Police in connection with my application. *

I acknowledge that any personal information which is collected from or about me pursuant to this authority

  1. Will be used for the purpose of determining my suitability for appointment to the Tasmania Police Service
  2. May be used for any other purpose authorised or required by law

I acknowledge that my 'basic personal information' provided above

  1. Will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004
  2. May be accessed by me upon written request to the Commissioner of Police
I understand that any false or misleading answer or statement (or failure to fully and honestly disclose any fact which is within my knowledge that is relevant to my application) may result in the termination of my application and/or appointment. *
I understand that if my application is unsuccessful I will not be provided with any feedback regarding any part of the selection process. *

The Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management does not tolerate violence, especially violence against women and children